Monday, April 2, 2012

Measure Twice

This past week has been a flurry of activity.  We cleaned out the garage and transplanted a tree.  We also redid the floor in the laundry room and are replacing one of our kitchen windows with a patio door. Being married to a teacher has its perks.  Aside from his relatively low pay and incredible pressure to not only teach but actually raise this children in his classroom, David enjoys summers off and a little nugget of time off every March known as Spring Break.  There was a time when David took this week to relax and recharge his batteries...and then he got married.  And now he's mine.

You see, our kitchen flooded when our fridge leaked nearly three years ago (yes, I said years).  Fortunately, not all of the floor was ruined.  Unfortunately, the salvaged pieces have been sitting in our garage since 2009.

During that same time, our laundry room floor was looking a little (or a lot) worse for the wear.

As part of cleaning out the garage, I decided we either needed to reuse the boards or send the whole damn stack to the dump. So I cracked the whip waved my magic wand and David got right to work.

I did my part to provide refreshments and tools of the trade.

Slowly but surely, the new floor began to come together.

Our progress was only slightly hampered when someone got home from school and felt compelled to help.

But despite with her assistance, we finished the new floor in an afternoon.

Now let's see what she can do with the patio door.

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