Friday, April 13, 2012

Two for One Special

I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to, but when I do, they all seem to be epic posts.  This little bad boy is no exception, as we just had an epic weekend.  Being a spring baby (thanks, Mom!) has meant that my birthday has fallen on Easter Sunday on more than one occasion.  This was one of those years.

I started off my birthday getting up to speed on the book everyone else read two years ago. It did not disappoint. 

I then decided to make my own birthday cake.  Martha Stewart can suck it.

And then it was time to get our Easter on. We had the standard visit from the Easter Bunny, quickly followed by a mad dash for plastic eggs.


Of course, no Easter is complete without getting your child to awkwardly pose in her new dress, complete with props.  For the record, the bunny was her idea.

We took some time for the semi-annual church event.  This would have been a delightful experience had the pastor not decided to include some random references to John Lennon and the price of albino body parts (don't ask).

The rest of the day was all about me.  I was serenaded by the most precious soloist I know, who happened to lead with "Happy Birthday" and close with a strong rendition of "Mary Had A Little Lamb." 

And then I turned 36 with about all the maturity I could muster. 

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