Thursday, April 5, 2012

Uphill Both Ways In The Snow

We are fortunate to have some very well-connected friends.  No, they don't own a jet or a yacht.  They don't serve caviar or or drink martinis with their pinkies out.  They own a the mountains.  And in Idaho, you don't get any cooler than that.  Well, except maybe for the fact they invited us to enjoy a weekend with them before the snow melted.  Yeah, we pounced on that.

Because 2012 is the year of doing, we decided to try something new.  Snowshoeing.

And it rocked.  There is something about the crisp air and pristine surroundings that tend to make rose-colored glasses just a little bit rosier.  For one day, I got to pretend that we were on a snowy frontier, tredging our way through uncharted land. You know, like Lewis & Clark, but with granola bars and bottled water. Practically the same.

We walked for nearly two hours.  Unsure of how Morgan would do being out there for so long, we started off pulling her in the sled.

But that was short lived.  Morgan wanted to be a big kid and walk with me.  Which she did, for most of the time. 

We walked for miles.  All the while, she was by my side, chatting about the meaning of life and the importance of avoiding yellow snow.

Then her little legs began to get weary and she couldn't quite keep up.  She started to lag behind, occasionally calling for me to slow down.

But then she quit calling for me.  So I turned around.  And there she was. Done. So much for the frontier.

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