Friday, April 27, 2012

Fear Factor

I recently did something many would consider brave, stupid, or downright crazy. I took four toddlers on a 30 minute walk to our local park for a play date and picnic.  It wasn't until we were well on our way that I realized the gravity of my decision.  I was in charge...of all of us.

Rather than spend a few hours letting the girls run free, I felt compelled to crush their little spirits with warnings about everything that could go wrong on our little outing.
  1. We must hold hands when we cross the street so none of us are mowed down by a high-speed vehicle that isn't on the lookout for small children.
  2. We don't talk to strangers while at the park so no creepy predators try to lure anyone way with promises of candy or puppies.
  3. We stay far away from any open canals or fast moving water in the event any of us are swept into a storm drain.
Fortunately, the girls took my warnings with a grain of salt and spent their night snacking on goldfish crackers, climbing up the slide, and shaking pebbles out of their shoes.  I, however, was exhausted.  When I relayed the story to David, he just said, "Amy, why does everything have to be a teaching moment?" 

And so the next time we went to the park, I tried to spend a little less time making sure Morgan didn't get any bumps or bruises-

I tried to help her take a few more risks -

And I tried to help her find her sense of adventure-

As the sun began to set, I finally let go.  And off she ran, wind in her hair, brave as could be.

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