Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Animal Magnetism

The thing about taking kids to the zoo is that it's almost impossible to get a picture of them looking at you.  Instead, you spend most of the time taking pictures of their backsides.  They're too interested in staring at some poor creature who has already been gawked at, yelled at, and otherwise accosted by the 200 kids who already passed by its cage.  Going to the zoo is a very authentic experience.

However, that did not stop us from venturing out with some friends last weekend.  We spent a good part of the afternoon looking at the animals -

Pretending to be the animals-
Exhibit A: Whistle Pigs (a.k.a Groundhogs)
Exhibit B: Lions
Exhibit C:  Rams? 
And, of course, riding the animals off into the sunset...or around and around in a circle. They're three, just go with it.

Just when we thought the allure of the animals had worn off, we remembered. The goats.While most families come to the zoo with a few extra dollars in quarters to feed the crazy-eyed buggers, we're the family who never remembers until it's too late.  Every time we go, we spend at least ten minutes following behind kids whose hand aren't quite big enough to carry all the pellets or checking behind the dispenser after someone walks away.  Finding a piece of goat food at the zoo is a little bit like panning for gold.  Every nugget counts.

And as we sat for one of the one-armed family photos I am getting so good at taking, I realized exactly why we like the goats so much...

They could clearly fit right in our family.  The resemblance is uncanny....on David's side, of course. 

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