Sunday, April 29, 2012

Leader of the Pack

Anyone who knows us knows that David teaches elementary school.  Anyone who knows us also knows he's damn good at what he does.  What people may not know is that David actually started his career in sales for Hilton Hotels and only decided to become a teacher after a drunken weekend in New Orleans...but that's another post.

We just marked a major moment in David's career.  He was voted Teacher of the Year at his school...for the second time in five years.  Yeah, he's that cool.  The district held a reception in honor of the nominated teachers, which only slightly confused Morgan.  As David made his way up to receive his award, she just kept asking, "Is it his birthday, Mom?" 

But she eventually caught on and gave him the same obligatory applause the rest of us did.

David was beaming.  He got a snazzy little certificate and a nifty plaque.  We were thrilled.

But then it was announced that all of the teachers being honored that night had been entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire.  And wouldn't you know it, David was the lucky winner.

I am just so proud of my husband.  He reminds me everyday that he has dedicated his life to the children. Okay, and maybe the giveaways.

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