Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Attitude of Gratitude

Morgan is home sick today.  Nothing catastrophic, just a runny nose and a stuffy head.  Whenever she gets sick, David and I have to figure out who is going to stay home with her.  Depending on how much either of us wants a day off, there may or may not be actual arguing over who "gets" to stay home (okay, that may also depend on whether Morgan's throwing up...then neither of us volunteer). 

Today was not one of those days.  I have been out of the office a lot lately and am feeling some urgency to actually be at work (Wow, I am like a totally responsible adult. Weird.).  David is also busy, transitioning kids back to the reality of the school year.  But when the time came to figure out our plan for the day, he didn't even hesitate.  He just called in. He said he knows I'm busy and wanted to help.  It's like I married my own personal super hero. 

Thank you, honey.  You make our lives better.  Every day.


Anonymous said...

Your posts are always such a blessing to read. Your love for each other ... the love you share with little Morgan ...
makes me feel there are things right with this world! Love you guys! Aunt Pam

Patty said...

Oh Daddy David... You are as fabulous as you are handsome ;0) You are the BEST daddy ever. Morgan and Amy are blessed to have you. So are we! Morgan feel better honey xoxoxo Love You - Grandma Patty