Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Part Two - Worst.Birthday.Ever

On the morning of Morgan's birthday, we set the table, lit some candles, and gently woke our precious daughter from her restful slumber. And then all hell broke loose.
She immediately walked into the kitchen and began sobbing "No mommy, put it back, I'm not ready!" Once I convinced her that her birthday bagel was not going to attack her, she approached the table with the level of enthusiasm most people have for the dentist.

Not convinced, she brought her trusty unicorn along for protection, which I'm glad she didn't need...those things are totally flammable.

I will spare you the photos of her screaming hysterically for me to "Put them out, mommy, put them out!" As David and I tried to sing to her. Instead, I will show you the only bright spot of Morgan's morning, which was her violently ripping the candles out of their cream cheese home and throwing them in the garbage. Happy birthday, indeed.

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Patty said...

Mad - angry - happy - or sad... Morgan is always adorable! I am thinking you needed Cap'n Crunch - is that where you went wrong? lol Maybe she is much like her Grandma Patty and is not a morning person. Hugs and Kisses Morgan