Sunday, September 18, 2011

Girl's Got Skills

Okay, who am I kidding?  She's barely three, and they're mostly still scribbles.  HOWEVER, after my Reading Rainbow disappointment, Morgan seems to have taken my concerns to heart and is trying redeem herself as an artist. 

You see, being handy with a paint brush runs in the family.  My great grandfather (who Morgan is named after), could paint you a mountain and some trees like nobody's business.  I am pretty sure he was Bob Ross' mentor. My brother isn't too shabby, either.  He could rally for a nice still life and even painted me a little portrait of some fruit when he was 14 (it still hangs in our laundry room).  And then there's my father-in-law.  He's got some bizarre ability to paint just about anything.  I mean anything.  You give him a photo and he will recreate it on canvas.  The man has no formal training (well, except for watching Bob Ross) but does beautiful work.  It's almost scary. 

But I am not going to show you any of that.  Instead, behold the magic of my toddler.  Her work is sure to be showcased in galleries across the globe...just as soon as I take it off the fridge.

1.  Sunshine and Flower. Not only does her flower have true green leaves, she's got that bad boy totally stretching to meet the sun.  Oh yeah, we are rockin' some photosynthesis at our house.

2. Bug Business.  What we've got here is the standard "scary spider" and the newly-developed legless lady bug.  Now, I know what you're thinking, and yes, the sun and the spider do look very similar.  However, what you're missing is the shrieking and screaming when Morgan describes the spider and the fact IT WILL EAT YOU.
3. Family Portrait. Here's where things get hard core.  We've got three bobble heads, complete with facial features (This is a major accomplishment at our house.  Morgan drew a picture of my mother-in-law last week and only gave her one eye. on purpose. and refused to fix it.) I am pleased to see she captured David's full head of hair, but will admit that I was slightly alarmed to see that I am still sportin' a nice side pony tail, circa 1987. That, as well as the fact I only have one REALLY long arm. Could be worse, looks like she actually noticed how short David's legs are.     

At this point, the jury is still out on whether this kiddo is going to be any sort of artistic prodigy.  However, I am relatively confident she'll make a great sketch artist one day.  CSI, we're waiting for your call.


M said...

Great job on the drawings, Morgan! And Amy, I about shot coffee out of my nose reading this post I was laughing so hard. You definitely have skills, too :)

Patty said...

Morgan is such the "artist"! She is doing so well for just turning 3. Maybe she could work on a painting of the Tetons for her
Grandma Patty ;0) Love You Sweet Girl!!!